The plan of the Bartholomew Residence displays bold triangular building forms arranged at right angles.  The larger comprises the 1,800 square foot house rotated away from the street; the smaller accommodates a carport, outdoor kitchen and storage.  A patterned overhead wood trellis connects both form across spaced concrete block columns bordering along the circuitous entry walkway.  In turn, they provide privacy for outdoor living terraces and patios which extend from the living spaces of the residence.  The design establishes a dramatic solution to a hilltop site, rich in thrust and movement and in the powerful shadows that change continuously.

The core of the house is two centrally located fireplaces, one of the living room and the other in the study.  Together, their masonry forms side walls of the skylit main bathroom, projecting through the roof as well as anchoring the building to the steep site.  The living room is dropped to a lower level from the entry by means of broad, shallow steps.  A cantilevered deck expands the living room at one corner.  The space within is further enhanced by openness created with only a half wall dividing living room and study, as well as a freestanding wall between kitchen and dining area.  Deep roof overhangs contribute to the sense of shelter in addition to control penetration of sunlight and the element of weather.

Construction:  All structure is integrally terra cotta colored concrete block.  Interior non-bearing partitions are wood-framed and covered with Philippine mahoghany.  Ceilings and soffits are sand finished plaster. The floors are integrally colored concrete or flagstone and incorporate a hydronic system of radiant heating.  Built-in cabinets, furnishings, accessories and landscape were designed or selected in order to closely weave and unify all into a fully integrated environment.

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Bartholomew Residence
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